Why is Trainer Level in Pokemon Go Very Important?

In Pokemon Go, the rule is, The higher level, the better Pokemon, the better items you can get from Pokestops. Try to level up your Trainer to unlock stronger and rarer Pokemon!

 Trainer Level in Pokemon Go is Super Important!

When you hit some certain levels in game, new items are unlocked. For example, you can’t get any Potion or Healing from Poketops before level 5. Before level 10, you can’t get any 50HP Healing Potion. And you can only get Great Pokeballs from level 12. Ultra Pokeballs are unlocked from level 20, etc.

The avg. CP of wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go will keep increasing when you reach higher levels. For instance, under level 3, you usually see Pokemon having CP under 100. Once you hit level 4, you will be able to find more Pokemon above 100 CP.

Does my Trainer level affect the max CP of my Pokemon?

Yes, definitely. Every time you level up, you are able to Power Up your Pokemon more, therefore they will have better CP. A level 20 player can power up his Pokemon more times than a level 10 players.

As you can see in the screenshots below, after I leveled up, my Eevee’s maximum CP increased. The first screenshot taken when I was level 10, and the second on when I was level 16. Nothing changed, except my level.

pokemon cp and player level

The Power Up button will be grey when your Pokemon reaches the max CP. You can Power Up it again when you reach the new level.

Okay so how to level up my Trainer fast?

I did post a special guide for this question, please take a look at this page for more details!

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