How to Start with Pikachu in Pokemon Go

I am pretty sure that lots of Pokemon players really want to get Pikachu as the starter in Pokemon Go, right? As I have been receiving loads of requests from visitors about this, today, I am going to give you the easiest and fastest way to get Pikachu at the start in Pokemon GO.

At the start, we are able to choose between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. They appear right next to your Trainer and you just simply choose one to start with. Most players will start the journey immediately by tapping on their favorite Pokemon, but what about Pikachu, can we pick him just like Ash did? Yes, We absolutely can do that. This is a very exciting Easter Egg of Pokemon Go!

How to choose Pikachu as the Starter

It will be like this at the start:

Start with Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Instead of tapping on either, you need walk away from them!

They will keep disappearing and appearing on your screen, just ignore them. You will need to do this 4 times. At the fifth time, you will be able to see Pikachu appearing on the map, next to the Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle!

Start with Pikachu in Pokemon Go

Simply tap on Pikachu to start the encounter. Throw yoru Pokeball at the Pikachu to capture him!


Oh yes! We got him!

Very easy right?

Hopefully you read this tip before choosing the starter! Good luck guys!