What are Stardust and Candy? How to use them?

Stardust and Candy are one of the most popular and useful items in Pokemon Go. So What are they and Why we need them? Let’s take a look at this small post today!

Stardust and Candy in Pokemon Go

Stardust and Candy in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Candy

In Pokemon Go, Candy is used to power up and evolve Pokemon. Evolving a Pokemon requires Candy of that Pokemon only. By powering up your Pokemon, you can increase its CP (Combat Points).

You can get Candy through some ways:

  • Every time you catch a Pokemon, you can get 3 Candy of its type. I recommend catching every Pokemon you face to get Candy.
  • If you don’t need any Pokemon, you can transfer it to the Professor to get 1 Candy of its type. But you will lose it forever of course.
  • After hatching Eggs, you will get lots Candy of the hatched Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Stardust

In Pokemon Go, Stardust is used to power up Pokemon. You will need both Stardust and Candy to power up your Pokemon

We have few ways to get Stardust in Pokemon Go.

  • Catching Pokemon is the most common way. Each Pokemon you catch will give you 100 Stardust.
  • Once you reach the new level, you will receive some rewards. Sometimes you will get Stardust.
  • You can get dust by pressing the shield icon locating at the top right of your Pokemon in Gym.