9 Best Tips to Save Battery Life While Playing Pokémon Go

Not really like the way other video games drain phone’s battery life, Pokémon Go requires players using Camera and GPS at the same time throughout. This will drain our battery life a lot worse. Lots of players have to stop playing and need to find a place to charge the battery again. Anyway, don’t worry, I am going to show you some best tips in order to save your battery life and help you enjoy the game longer.

Battery Drain Pokemon Go

Tips to Save Battery Life While Playing Pokémon Go

Enable the Battery Saver Mode in game

I have been testing this for a while and seems like it has been significantly saving lots of juice for me. Undoubtedly Niantic has been working on this issue for a long time. My friends also confirmed that this feature helped them lose about 40% less juice than turning this option off.

Just simply tap on the Poke Ball icon on your screen, open the Settings menu then turn on the “Battery Saver” mode!


Lower your brightness

I always hate doing this as well as recommending it to you guys but it is definitely one of the main reasons. We usually playing Pokemon outside and under the the direct sunlight. It will be a bit hard to play in a low brightness mode but this is necessary If you want to save your battery life. Personally, I don’t care about the brightness much until my battery is below 30%. What about you?


Disable all working functions which are not related to Pokemon Go

Yes, we need to disable them all, as many as possible: Music, Spotify, Skype, Facebook Messenger,… Pause the game and close them all! If you are really serious about Pokemon Go, make sure you closed all apps which would be draining your battery badly. Internet Connection, GPS and display are the only things you need to use while playing the game.

Get a power bank for Pokemon Go

Yes, this is serious guys, If you want to play the game continuously for hours. This is actually the very best advice I can give you! Just get a power bank for your phone and you will be fine.

At the moment, Anker is selling OFF their 20000mAh Power Bank for about 50%, this is such a steal. Just visit their Amazon page at here and get it right now before the sale ends.

Get your bike and catch Pokemon faster

Did you play the previous Pokemon versions? In those ones, you can buy yourself a bike to travel around faster. Cycling in real life is good for your cardiovascular health and also good for your battery. Why not? Also, you can catch Pokemon much faster and easier!


For safe, make sure you have put your phone in your bad. Just leave it running and you will get a notification sound once there is a Pokemon nearby. No, don’t use car. Ash doesn’t have any car.

Stay away from large buildings!

Because GPS uses less power and works much better when you are outside, in an open arena.


Okay my friends, hopefully you have found these tips helpful! Don’t forget to share this page with your friends If you like it! Good luck!