How to Power Up and Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go – Ultimate Guide

Hey guys, in this guys, I am going to show you how to power up and evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Go. By doing this, you can increase their stats and make them stronger for Gym once you reach level 5!

power up and evolve in pokemon go

How to Power Up and Evolve Pokemon in Pokemon Go

At the start in Pokemon Go, you can pick your starter Pokemon from the 3 traditional choices – Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. It is getting more difficult to power up and evolve as the main item, Candy, for involving requires catching Pokemon of the same type. For instance, when catching a Charmander, you need Charmander Items to level up and evolve to higher forms however these are tough to obtain at the beginning.

If you catch in your starting area, it is much easier to level up. Each time you catch a Pokemon, you will earn Stardust – a valuable material which is used to Power Up and Evolve your Pokemon. The other one is Candy. Each Pokemon has own unique type of Candy (Charmander has Charmander Candy, Gastly has Gastly Candy and so on).

When you have enough Candy and Stardust, you can Power Up your Pokemon in the main menu by tapping on the Power Up green button (as you can see in the main image above). You can evolve your Pokemon in the same way by selecting the evolve option.

As you will be short lots of Candies therefore the best thing to do is farm the type of Pokemon you want to level most. If you are finding to raise your Magikarp, try to catch them as much as possible. Your Startdust can be increased but you also can choose the Transfer option which will transfer the Pokemon to the Professor however maybe you will lose that Pokemon forever, in return the Professor will give Candy.

In short:

  • Finding Pokemon you want power up and evolve. Try to catch it as much as possible then transfer the caught Pokemon to the Professor to get Candy.
  • Using Stardust to Power Up and Evolve your Pokemon.

Frequently Asked Questions about Evolving Pokemon in Pokemon Go

What happens to my Pokemon CP after Evolving?

Basically, your Pokemon will have more CP and its maximum CP will be increased as well. Because the current CP doesn’t affect the cost of the evolution, try to use Pokemon which have the best CP in your hand.

Will my Pokemon skills change after evolving?

Yes, probably, not always. You can’t know whether a Pokemon is good until you evolve it to the final form. This is also why I don’t recommend fully power up your Pokemon until they are at the final form.

What is the difference between powering up before and after evolving?

No, there isn’t any defense here. The costs are the same and the results are the same. But, don’t power up your Pokemon too early because maybe after evolving, it will be not good as expected.

Why does Magikarp takeup to 400 candy to evolve?

Although Magikarp is one of the weakest Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but after evolving, it can get into one of the strongest ones. Remember the Pokemon at the loading screen? Yes, it’s him after evolving xD