Pokémon Go Known Issues and How to Fix Them!

Although Pokemon Go is available to download now but it it still being developed and there are still lots of major known issues which need to be fixed as soon as possible. But don’t worry, in this page, I am going to show you how to fix them all with ease!

Pokémon Go Known Issues

Pokémon Go Known Issues and Fixes

“You already own this item” Error

This is known issue on Android devices running Pokemon Go. If you lose the Internet connection while purchasing PokeCoins via the shop in game, you will receive the error message saying “You already own this item”. Normally restarting your device will fix this issue. If not, please try to remove game, restart your device then re-install it.

Pokemon Go Trainer progress temporarily resets to Level 1

Lots of players may have inadvertently created 2 Pokemon Go account: One using Pokemon Trainer Club and One using Google data. For example, If you create your Trainer progress with Google login method and later accidentally use Pokemon Trainer Club login method, the second account will be created.
Anyway, in order to solve this issue, go tho the Settings menu, log out of the current level 1 account then log back with the original login method (Google ID).

Distorted audio

On some devices, both iOS and Android, music and sound effects in game may get delayed or even distorted. But seems like this issue usually occurs while connecting to Bluetooth audio devices. There isn’t any working fix for this issue so far. Let’s wait for a hotfix from the Niantic!

Battery Drain

Some smartphones experience  battery drain while running Pokemon Go for a long time, usually more than 1 hour. I am so sorry but seems like there is nothing to do about this so far except waiting for a hotfix from Niantic.

Drifting Lovations

Please ensure your GPS is enabled. Set it to high-accuracy mode If you can. Actually, th GPS accuracy largely depends on your device as well as your GPS signal strength.

This item is not available in your country

While trying to download Pokemon Go on Google Play, players sometimes face this problem. Ensure your Google Wallet is using the proper country. If it is correct and you still can’t download the game, feel free to change the country to either United States or Canada.

Character not moving

As Pokemon Go is an interactive virtual video game, the map in game needs to be matched with the real world map. You need to be move in the real world, you can’t just touch on the screen to move your character and catch Pokemon (I am so sorry but lots of players don’t know this. Also, moving in your house is not enough, you will need to go outside. Also, If you travel by bus, train or car, sometimes it’s too fast and the GPS may not work properly. Walking is recommended.

“Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later”

I am so sorry but There isn’t anything to do here guys. This game is extremely hot these days. There are tons of players trying to sign up every second. The servers are always busy. Please wait and try again later. My friends in United States need to spend about a few hours to sign up.

I can’t find any Pokemon

First, you should try to use Incense to attract wild Pokemon. Otherwise, you have a problem with either GPS or the Internet Connection. Try to restart your phone and try again.


Okay hopefully you have found these fixes helpful. I will try to upgrade this page every day and post more known issues and fixes. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help!