Pokemon Go Gym: Basic and Strategy!

Pokemon Go Gym is one of the best features in game which gets lots of attention from almost any player. Okay so what is Pokemon Go Gym? I am going to show you everything about it from basic to advance in this guide.

Pokemon Go Gym

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Everything you should know about Pokemon Go Gym

Pokemon Go Gym Summary

  • Once you get to level 5 in Pokemon Go, you can choose a team (Valor, Mystic, Instinct)  then you can start taking Gyms for your team.
  • It’s not just about your team spirit. Taking Gyms also give you lots of rewards (XP, Pokecoins, Stardust, …) whenever you win a defense against other players.
  • Level 1 Gym can hold 1 Pokemon, level 2 Gym can hold 2 Pokemon and so on. The maximum number of Pokemon can be held in Gym is 10.
  • When a Gym loses a level, as a result, the number of Pokemon it can hold reduced. The lowest CP Pokemon will be ejected.
  • Each Trainer can only store 1 Pokemon in any Gym.

The table below shows you how many Prestige points Gym takes to get to the next level:

Gym LevelPrestige Required

Pokemon Go Gym Defense Rewards

Open the Shop in game and tap on the top-right shield button to claim your Gym Rewards (as you can see in the screenshot below). You can do this after every successful defense (once every 21 hours). Even if you defend more Gyms in 21 hours, you still can only take the Rewards once.

clash royale gym rewards

The maximum number of Gyms you can get rewards from is no more than 10. You will get Pokecoins and Stardust If the Gym you get rewards from is still being defended. This makes Gym defense the only way to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go without spending real money.

Make sure your Pokemon is at full HP If you want to put it into any Gym. Also, during the defense, you can’t use the slotted Pokemon, until it gets ejected from the Gym when the Gym loses a level.

Any Trainer can slot into a Gym If they are in the correct team. This means you should think about the Trainer you want to defend the gym with before you finish the last Gym combat.

# of GymsStardustPokécoins

What is the Allied Gym?

When you train against the allied gyms, you can only use 1 Pokemon and you can’t heal it between battles. You earn the gym prestige and some XP for each Pokemon you defeat.

Although your Pokemon’s HP can be reduced to 1 during the battles against allied gyms, it can’t be reduced to 0 HP. So don’t worry If you don’t have any Revive in your bag!

If you want to join an allied Gym, choose the one which doesn’t require much prestige to level up. Train on it!

If you are much stronger than the whole allied gym, you can easily take it down. Otherwise, because taking down higher CP grants more prestige, pick Pokemon which is just below the weakest one of that gym.

The table below shows how much rewards you can earn for each defeated Pokemon:

Relative CPPrestigeXP
Higher310 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) – 5531 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP) – 5
Lower500 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP)50 * (Defender CP / Attacker CP)

What is the Enemy Gym?

The enemy gyms can be defeated by a team of 6 Pokemon per Trainer. Multiple players can attack a Gym at the same time. Vice versa, a gym can defend against lots of players at the same time. Player who defeats the Gym first will be the owner.

Every time you defeat 1 defending Pokemon of the Gym, its prestige will be reduced. If the gym loses a lot of prestige, its level will be dropped and once it hits 0 prestige, it becomes a neutral Pokemon Go Gym which can be claimed by any one, even If they don’t attack the Gym.

While battling against enemy Gyms, your Pokemon HP can be reduced to 0 and they will faint, you will have to use the Revive in your Bag in order to use them again. Additionally, you can transfer those fainted Pokemon to the Professor to get Candy without reviving them.

Trainers earn 100 XP for each defeated Pokemon, also, the gym’s prestige will be reduced by 500. If you can defeat all Pokemon of a Gym, you will earn additional 50 XP and the Gym’s prestige will be reduced by 1,500 more.

ActionPrestige DamageXP
Each defeated Pokémon500100
Defeat all Pokémon bonus150050

A small Pokemon Go Review for new players

Pokemon Go is the most popular game of the day that has been doing the rounds for the last few months. Mobile gaming is now enjoyed by one and all after Pokemon Go has made way into our lives. The main reason behind its soaring popularity is that it is a free app and it provides people with the experience of resurrecting the Pokemon to life which we have so long seen only on the screens. Though this game has been released on Google Play Store as well as App Store, it has been listed to be of the version 0.29. Therefore, the game is not much mechanically interesting but is highly appealing on a social level.

If you do not have any idea how the game works, we will explain it to you. You basically need to walk in real-life locations that are called Pokestops. Your phone will display the map that will have the particular spots where you can get the items as well as collect the Pokemon which is found on the way in order to obtain XP. Other players will provide you with real life objectives that are called Pokemon Go Gyms that can be controlled by the Pokemon which you have obtained. Though the game displays a relatively poor performance on Android as well as the phones with iOS, Pokemon Go is actually an app which offers great treasure-hunting.

Here are the reasons why people are hooked on to the game:

Get introduced to Pokemon Go

The world that surrounds Pokemon Go is a fun-filled world. Pokemon like Bulbasaur and Ponyta can be found here and there, in locations like your balcony or even inside your refrigerator. There are particular areas and locations around the city where there is an abundance of Pokemons. Suppose, you arrive somewhere with the aim of finding a Pokemon and you already find hordes of people who have gathered there with the same purpose in mind. The game makes good use of the RPG-Lite level system and it does a good job of making people aware of their neighborhoods, especially in times when people hardly have the leisure to walk down their neighboring streets. The software development company called Niantic has created this game had promised a phenomenal experience of the game laden with immense nostalgia since they have brought back a game which is decades old. Many people are drawn towards the game just to relive the dream that this childhood cartoon offered us. Eventually, people keep playing the game to be a part of the trend that the world has involved itself in.

Its drawbacks:

  • While the game rides chiefly on nostalgia, its foundation is not very strong. The design of the game based on an RPG is actually very accessible. Each of the levels that you acquire is associated with tier points, but the process is not described in a lucid manner. The combat point ceiling of the particular Pokemon you have acquired is affected by your level. The combat of Pokemon Go does not have the depth that the traditional Pokemon games had.
  • The battles that you have to undergo in order to control the Pokemon Go Gym locations are just like simple battles that are based on time-tapping. Only combat point value affects the battles. The matchups that Pokemon Go uses are of the type of Rock-paper-scissors. There is no assurance that you will win even if you have the monster that has higher powers. Just like the combat points system, this concept, too, is not explained clearly. Do not think that the only form of combats that the game has is based on turns and proper tactics. Yet the system is such that it will be a bit boring for you after you have participated in a few fights.
  • One of the biggest drawbacks of the game is that it crashes very often, becomes slow and showcases inconsistent performance. Many players have reported having lost Pokemon that are semi-rare in nature since the game crashed at important points. They have claimed to find them after they have reloaded the game, though.
  • The game has one major loophole that it lacks many interesting features. It does not allow battles among multiple players, trading, any list of friends as well as leaderboards as well as any in-app social property of whatever nature. There is only the feature of how we are compelled to get ourselves into any one of the three groups that are competing. Though there are some of the features, the most attractive part of the game Pokemon Go is the manner in which it enhances the players to establish connections with other players in the real world. The players become physically closer since all of them are driven towards a common goal.

The real power of the game:

If you want to empower or even evolve any Pokemon that you have captured, then you need to catch numerous duplicates of the same species as that particular Pokemon. If you transfer the weaker ones of that particular species out of the bank, then you earn “candies” which will enable you to provide that species with special fuel-ups. You can increase the visibility of Pokemons at a particular spot by placing a lure there. The lures attract Pokemon as well as people, so the community feel is restored. This game facilitates walking like anything else as you will be driven to catch as many Pokemon as possible. Taking over a Pokemon Go Gym will allow you to net in in-game currency. Also, many users have found out that you do not need to spend real money on microtransactions.

The final verdict:

Though the game lacks a sound RPG mechanism and has a dearth of features, Pokemon Go provides the masses with a very real and active social experience. In order to survive long term, the game needs to equip itself and will do it soon with greater number of features like trading as well as leaderboards according to the promise of Niantic.

Play Pokemon Go and join the fun!

Okay guys hopefully you have found this Pokemon Go Gym page helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any question regarding to Pokemon Go Gyms. Good luck!