Pokemon Go Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to Pokemon Go? Have some questions want to ask? Let’s take a look at these Pokemon Go Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first. You will not only find the answers for your questions but lots of other stunning tips!

Pokemon Go Frequently Asked Questions

Pokemon Go FAQ

What is the reason why my Pokedex only shows “XXX” Pokemon? Whether they have enough 150 in the game or not?

It is like in the previous Pokemon versions, the Pokedex only counts up to the last Pokemon which you caught. It will show 1, 3 or 9 at the beginning and 149 when you get Dragonite.

Does Walking while the game is closed count towards my Eggs Hatching Distance?

If you are walking while the game is not opened, it will not count toward your egg hatching distance. Regardless of how fast you can go, it will never count towards.

 What is the green stuff moving around on my map?

They are Rustling Leaves which may be Pokemon.

What does it mean when I got “Nice!” On a ball throw?

It means you got 10 bonus XP for that throw.

  • Nice! – You will get 10 XP – Your shrinking circle was near the outer ring and your ball hit inside of that circle.
  • Great! – You will get 50 XP – Your shrinking circle was near the middle and your ball hit inside of that circle.
  • Excellent! – You will get 100 XP – Your shrinking circle was near the center and your ball hit inside of that tiny circle.
  • Curve ball! – You will get 10 XP – You can click on ball and swipe it in circles to make it spin.

What is the time you find that Pokemon spawn with a random CP?

Pokemon spawn with a random CP to an extent. Players who in different levels will see Pokemon with different CP. Players in lower level can see CP 3o Pokemon while higher level players can see Pokemon with hundreds CP. High level players can see much higher CP Pokemon than low level players.

What should I do when every time time I throw a Pokeball the Pokemon jums or attacks?

It is just a part of it. You will get better after throwing balls a few times, rolling your finger and making this ball curve by an accident is the very annoying.

What is the fastest method to get higher level?

Here are the best four methods for leveling up fast

  • Saving Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles, Caterpies, etc. Low tier Pokemon which require 12 to 25 Cakes to evolve)
  • Using the Lucky Egg right before Eggs are hatched
  • Evolving all Pokemon you can while the Lucky Egg is active however do not evolve Pidgeottos into Pidgeots if you do not need for battle.
  • Catch all Pokemon which you see in remaining time and hit any Pokestops you pass by. All Pokemons will be applied double experience. You can fight in Gym once If you are able to do that.

Why I should not evolve Pidgeotto into Pidgeot while it gives 1000 XP?

The first Pidgeot gives you 1000XP: 500XP for the involvement and 500Xp for the new Pokemon which added to Pokedex. In addition, you should not evolve any other Pidgeot even if you really need it.

This is  why:

  • 4 Pidgeys = 48 candies = 2,000 XP
  • 1 Pidgeotto = 50 candies = 500 XP

Why do some Pokemon have the blue aura around them in my bag?

That means they were caught or acquired recently.

How can I locate Pokemon when there is a Snorlax near me?

In the travel screen, you can see a white bar locating at the bottom right corner – it shows 3 closest Pokemon to you. Moreover you can see up to 9 Pokemon near you when clicking on that bar. All Pokemon have footsteps below them that is rumored to be equivalent to 75-150 meters. (To read more about this, please take a look at here)

You can select specific Pokemon you want to track when locator is open, in this time, the Pokemon which you chose start walking. It is good if you follow the direction of that Pokemon and there will be a green pulse.

Pay attention on this pulse and keep walking. When getting closer to it, you should pulse a little bit more frequently and then footsteps will go lower until it disappear, in that time, the Pokemon should spawn. You should change direction a bit and walk again if the footsteps go back up.

Where should I can find “THOSE” Pokemon?

Any area which has people. Several players know places of rare Pokemon spawn. For instance, Hitmochan spawns at Public Square in Nashville. You can ask local groups or players if they are welcome to talk with you. Do not disturb anyone if they are not willing to help you. In addition, most cities have Facebook Groups and they are wonderful sources for us!

When should I boost CP of my Pokemon? before or after evolving it?

This doesn’t matter based on what I found. The cost doesn’t change but, sometimes, the evolved Pokemon is not good as expected, so it’s better If you save your items to power up the best one.

 Should I evolve or wait my 313CP Squirtle?

Most of the stronger Tier 3’s require 100 candies while it is only 25 for Tier 2. Therefore I think you should wait until you have 125 candies and evolve the strongest Pokemon you have. If evolve Squirtle with 25 candies, you will regret because you will find a stronger replacement by the time you get another 100 candies.

How do you battle at a Gym?

You just need to tap as fast as you can, a low damage high speed attack will shred opponents.

When the bars are full, how do I use my special attack?

Tap and hold on your screen when having a full charge. Under the charge bars, you will see a small blue line moving from right to left and when it gets the farthest left, using special attack. Most damage should come from basic attacking.

How do I get more Potions and Pokeballs?

Pokeballs can be bought from Pokemart but all things can be gathered from Pokestops therefore you have to spin picture in the center to collect items from Pokestops.

What should I do when my bag keeps getting full and I am running out of Pokeballs?

Clear extra Potions, Revives and razzberries, you do not need 90 of them. You will gain 3 different types of Potions and Pokeballs at level 20. When I play this game, I have never keep more than 60 Potions and 40 Revives, I clear excess and the rest of the room I keep for Pokeballs.


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