How to increase Combat Points (CP) in Pokemon Go

If you are new in Pokemon Go, you can easily see that people usually use “CP” to talk about Pokemon, right? CP is Combat Points. CP can tell you how strong and how rare your Pokemon is… Okay so how to increase it? I am going to show you how to do that right now!

increase combat points cp in pokemon go

What is Combat Points CP?

As we all know, there are some statistics relating to our Pokemon in the previous Pokemon versions such as HP (Hit Points), PP (Power Points), etc. In Pokemon Go, a new concept has been introduced in order to determine the total strength of a Pokemon, the Combat Points (CP). The base CP level and maximum CP level are based on some special factors like Pokemon size, species, trainer level,…

So you have caught a pretty high CP Pokemon after walking for hours.

How does a low CP Pokemon compare with a high CP Pokemon?

In Pokemon Go, the battle system works differently from the conventional ones, as wild Pokemon are not battled with yours.

Basically, we only care about CP when we are battling a Gym. The CP in Pokemon Go determines how much damage your Pokemon can deal to others. If your Pokemon has much higher CP than the opponent, it can deal more damage of course.

In addition, you can easily see that CP can be increased at the top of your Pokemon status screen. When you increase your Pokemon CP, as a result, the scale above your Pokemon will move in the clockwise direction. Also, when your Trainer level increases, your Pokemon will have a wider scale, but the default CP will not increase of course.

pokemon go CP

How to increase the Combat Points CP?

Every Pokemon you catch in the wild comes along with Stardust. You can use Candy and Stardust in order to increase your Pokemon HP and CP. Sometimes, they also increase your Pokemon size. Simply tap on the Pokeball button locating at the bottom of your screen then choose a Pokemon you want to enhance.