Pokemon Go Battle: Basic and Advanced Tips

Hello guys, are you new to Pokemon and looking for some great Pokemon Go Battle Tips? Congrats! You are in the right place. I am going to show you everything Trainers need to know about Battles in Pokemon Go. Alongside with that,  some special tips will be provided!


Pokemon Go Battle: Basics and Tips

Pokemon Go Battle Basics

Each Pokemon in Pokemon Go has 3 main types of battle actions:

  1. Quick Move.
  2. Charge Move.
  3. Dodge.

Each action has a certain cooldown (dodging always has a 0.5 cooldown). While an action is unavailable, neither can be used.

There is a non-combat actions in game: Swapping Pokemon while fighting against enemy Gym. This has 1 second cooldown.

The defending Pokemon takes 2 second between a quick move or a charge move cooldown.

When you use a move which is the same type as your Pokemon, you will receive the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) – x1.25 damage bonus.

How to use Quick Move:

This is the simplest way to fight in Pokemon Go: Tapping on your screen repeatedly. By using quick move, your charge bar will be filled up by the amount specified by that quick move. The energy from the charge bar is used to perform the Charge Move.

How to use Charge Move:

Tap on your screen and hold your finger for a few seconds to activate the Charge move. Once the new bar starts filling, If you don’t have have any move unavailable, your charge move will active. Always try to time it properly so you won’t miss anything!

What is Dodging?

Have you ever noticed the yellow indicator which flashes during the battle?

In order to use Dodge, swipe right or left about 0.5 seconds after when you see that yellow indicator appears on your screen. Don’t swipe too quick or too late. This absolutely does require practices but it’s not hard at all, trust me.

Dodge has a 0.5s cooldown.

Maybe you don’t know, each move has a its own specific damage window, when the damage is actually applied. The damage received can be reduced If it gets dodged during the damage window.

Charge moves has various damage windows and most of them are longer than quick moves (0.2s). Long window is harder to completely dodged.

Blizzard is the only move in Pokemon Go which has 0s damage window.

How to use Dodging?

When the Pokemon Go battle begins, the defending Pokemon leads off with 2 Quick Moves and then it will idle for 2 seconds between each attack. When it have enough energy, it will also put the Charge Moves into the attack patterns. Depending on the attack speed of your Pokemon, you usually can get into their attacks easily.

Does Pokemon Type Matter?

Each Pokemon type has its own strengths and weaknesses. Please take a look at the image below for more details. A bit thanks to Asoxus for sharing this incredibly useful image!

Pokemon Go Battle

How to calculate damage the right way?

At the moment, this is the best formula I have so far, which was shared by Qmike:

Base Damage = Floor( 0.5 * (Attacker’s_Attack / Defender’s_Defense) * Move_Power * Modifiers ) + 1

I will write a detailed post explaining this in the near future!

Okay guys hopefully you have found this Pokemon Go Battle page helpful. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help!