How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

Not like in the previous Pokemon series, in Pokemon Go, you can gain XP and level up your unique Trainer. By leveling up to the next levels, you will gain lots of rewards such as Poke Balls, Great Balls and other useful items which even can’t be bought in Shop. Also, High level Trainers in Pokemon Go can capture high Combat Point Pokemon easier. Therefore, try to do everything you can to level up your Trainer as soon as possible, to form a stronger team.

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How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, players gain XP after completing some certain tasks and achieving several achievements in game. The main ways to earn XP in Pokemon GO is capturing Pokemon, visiting Pokestops, winning battles at Gyms, Evolving Pokemon and Hatching Eggs.

XP Bonuses

In addition, there are some other ways to earn extra XP in Pokemon Go:

  • Every time you catch a new kind of Pokemon, you will gain some bonus XP. In the early stage of the game, you will gain this bonus pretty often.
  • If you can do the timing of throw well (capturing Pokemon right when the shrinking ring is smallest), you will gain some extra XP.
  • By spinning your Pokeball before throwing it, you will gain some extra XP bonus. This is totally different than the normal straight throw and you need to practice a lot before you can master it.

The following chart shows the exact amount of XP gained for each action above:

Action RequiredXP Earned
Capture a New Pokemon500Capture a new Pokemon
Evolve a Pokemon500Evolve any Pokemon
Hatch Pokemon200Finish hatching Egg
Capture Pokemon100Capture any Pokemon
Defeat Pokemon at Gym100Win any Gym battle.
Excellent Throw75Capture a Pokemon when the capture circle is smallest.
Great Throw50Capture a Pokemon when the capture cycle is small
Defeat Pokemon Training50XP gained for each Pokemon defeated at friendly Gym.
Nice Throw10Awarded for Capturing a Pokemon

Capturing Pokemon

Gotta Catch Em’ All! Catching every single Pokemon you can is the main source of XP.

At the start of Pokemon Go, You you have some Pokeballs and you will want to spend them on all Pokemon nearby to level up quickly. You will not even need to visit any Pokestop before reaching level 4.

It doesn’t take much XP to reach a few first levels. After capturing a few Pokemon and visiting 1-2 Pokestops, you will have enough XP to reach level 3. Also, at the start, because all Pokemon in game are new to you, you will receive the New Pokemon Capture Bonus a lot. The higher your Trainer level, the stronger Pokemon you will be able to capture. If you are low level, you will never find high CP Pokemon.

Which Pokemon should I capture?

At the start, you will want to capture all Pokemon nearby. They are all new Pokemon which will significantly give you loads of XP bonus. You can easily see the captured Pokemon via the PokeDeck, so sometimes you can skip some weak Pokemon to capture the new one and gain the extra XP.

You should try to capture these Pokemon:

  • Pokemon with the Green Capture Ring: Easy to capture and also the quickest. You will have quick XP gains and also sometimes you can even get Candy.
  • Pokemon with Orange Capture Ring: This is a medium capture. Later, the already captured Pokemon won’t give you bonus Candy so you can skip them. Anyway you still can transfer them for the Professor to get Candy.
  • Pokemon with Red: It is pretty hard to card these Pokemon. Only avoid them If your Pokeball are limited and species of Pokemon have already been caught.
  • Pokémon with Evolutions: These Pokemon will give you an outstanding amount of XP.

Pokemon you should avoid

Please take note that I am trying to give you the best ways to level up in Pokemon Go. If you don’t care about levels, just capture everything you want!

First off, you should avoid all Pokemon which have ??? CP above their head. This indicates that it is too strong for your Trainer. It is possible to catch these Pokemon but it is very difficult and it takes lots of time as well as Pokeballs. Anyway, If you have the Master Ball, you can catch it regardless.

You should also try to avoid Pokemon which have the Red Capture Ring because they are very difficult to capture. You will waste a lot of time and Pokeballs before successfully capturing them.

Already Captured Pokemon: You don’t need to pay much attention to this because in the early stage of the game, you will get lots of XP from the captured Pokemon. But, later, you will not get much XP from Pokemon you already captured. If you are not going to get any benefit from a Pokemon (transferring for Candy, etc), it’s better to just skip it.

Sometimes you should use Berry

In Pokemon Go, Berry can be used to make it easier to catch wild Pokemon. You can get Berry by visiting Pokestops. Use it when you want to catch a Pokemon which have the Red Capture Ring. You will need to spend less time and less Pokeballs to catch it. Quicker captures give you quicker XP gains.


Battling at Gyms is a great way to earn XP in Pokemon Go. It is very important to know how much XP you can earn per season.

There are 2 types of battles which can occur at Gym:

  • You can join the battle vs the opposing Teams.
  • You can do the friendly battle at Team owned Gyms.

In order to earn the maximum amount of XP, I have some special tips for you:

  • Research the competition: Before joining the battle, you can review the stats (CP, Type, …) of the defending Pokemon. If the average CP of all defending Pokemon is less than yours, just start the battle!
  • Your Pokemon should have at least one move which is effective against the defending Pokemon.
  • In order to have the most success in battle, re-arrange you team based on the weakness of the defending Pokemon. For example, If the defending Pokemon are Growlithe and Diglett, you should use a Water Pokemon in the battle.
  • If you visit a neutral Gym, you will be able to deploy your own defending Pokemon and use it to train against. If you want to gain XP only, deploy your weakest Pokemon.

Earn XP Through Evolution

At the beginning of the game, most players will not be able to Evolve Pokemon because you will need to get enough Candy to Evolve your Pokemon. Evolving Pokemon is a pretty long term strategy which will get you loads of XP.

You will want to focus on easily captured Pokemon first in order to maximize the total amount of XP. For example, Rattara doesn’t require too many Candy to evolve, also, you can easily find it because it is very common.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs is another great way to gain XP in Pokemon Go. You can get Eggs by visiting Pokestops. By putting them in the Incubators and traveling for a certain distance, you will hatch them into random Pokemon. After hatching, you will gain some XP, and If the hatched Pokemon hasn’t been caught yet, you will gain some more extra XP.

Note: These Eggs are not Lucky Egg. Lucky Egg can be bought via the Pokemart and it is used to double XP gain for 30 minutes in game. After activating the Lucky Egg, you will want to focus on gaining loads of XP immediately.

Visiting Pokestops

You will gain a small amount of XP every time you visit them. Not only that, you will get a lot of useful items (Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs, …) for each visit. By stocking these items, you can skyrocket your ability to level up quickly. Having an insane amount of Pokeballs is such a great feeling because we can catch any Pokemon we want.

Level Up Rewards

When you reach a new level in Pokemon Go, you will get some special rewards (Pokeballs, Great Balls, …) as well as unlock some interesting items in game. For more details about this, please take a look at this page.