Can’t play Pokémon GO? This is how to fix!

So you can’t load Pokemon GO? Does it crash ever time you open? Or do you even can’t connect to the server to sign up? Don’t worry, in this special page, I am going to show you how to fix all of those issues!

Pokémon GO Troubleshooting

Pokémon GO Troubleshooting

Can’t install or launch game on Android device

First, please make sure:

  1. You are using Android v4.4 to 6.0. Not higher and not lower.
  2. Your device screen resolution is higher than 720×1280.
  3. Do your device support GPS?
  4. Have you allowed Pokemon GO to use your GPS?
  5. Are you using Intel CPU based phone?
  6. If you installed game via a downloaded APK file, make sure it is the official one. If not, please download the Pokemon GO official APK file at here.

Also, it is not guaranteed that this game can run smoothly on tablet. Don’t expect too much If you are using Tablet.

Can’t install or launch game on iOS device

First, If you can’t either download game from your country, please try to use this method.

Then, ensure that:

  1. Your phone iPhone 5 or above. This game doesn’t support iPhone 4 and below.
  2. Your phone is running iOS 8 or above. This game doesn’t support iOS 7 or below.
  3. Your phone has allowed Pokemon GO to use the GPS.
  4. Make sure your GPS Signal is stable.
  5. Pokemon GO doesn’t fully support jailbroken device.

“Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later”

There is nothing to worry here guys! Seems like the server is a bit busy at the moment due to tons of players trying to join into the game at the same time. Please try again or comeback later. It took my friend from Australia 12 hours to sign up!


If you have any problem while playing Pokemon GO, don’t hesitate to comment and I will do my best to help you out!