How to find Eggs in Pokemon Go

Do you agree with me that finding and hatching Eggs are one of the most interesting Features in Pokemon Go? Especially If I can show off to my friends some rare Pokemon I got by hatching Eggs.

Anyway, in this page, I am going to show you the exact way to gather Eggs in Pokemon Go, then you can start hatching and hunting your dream Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Eggs

How to find Pokemon Go Eggs

In the previous version of Pokemon series, the games usually force players to discover a certain part of the maps in order to get Eggs. Luckily, we don’t need to go hundred miles in Pokemon Go in order to gather Eggs.

As soon as you start playing Pokemon Go, you can get Eggs. Everything you need to do is just to check your map for the PokeStops. Once you have found a Pokestop nearby your place, you will need to get there (by car, bus, train, bike, …). When you get close enough to the Pokestop, the icon will be changed to the signal and you can use it right away.

Then, after interacting with the Pokestop, you will see a circular disc shape on your screen. Simply spin it in the middle and you will see loads of items flying on your screen, tap on them in order to get those items. Simply tap on in order to get them into your bag. Most of the time, you will get Pokeballs and Eggs.

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