How to Find and Catch Pokémon – Beginner Guide

Okay guys, today I am going to show you, the new trainers, some basic ways to find and catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Hopefully you will find this small guide helpful and after reading it, you are ready to explore the real Pokemon world out there!


How to Find and Catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go

How to find Pokemon

Finding Pokemon in Pokemon Go is fairly simple as you just need to move around to find them. Shaking glass is definitely the most popular place to find Pokemon. You can use the Nearby Pokemon tab in game in order to find them easier. It is located at the bottom right corner of your screen and it shows 3 closest Pokemon to you. If you tap on it, you will see up to 9 Pokemon nearby.

pokemon neaby

Below those Pokemon, there are some interesting footprint icons:

  1. 0 Footprints = The Pokemon is right next to you and it can appear any moment.
  2. 1 Footprints = The Pokemon is within 20 meters.
  3. 2 Footprints = The Pokemon is within 100 meters.
  4. 2 Footprints = The Pokemon is within 1 kilometer.

But, unfortunately, Pokemon are always moving, they don’t stay at the same spot forever so you will want to do it fast. Also, when the box at the bottom right start blinking, it means you are going to right way. If it’s hard to find Pokemon in your place, you can use an item called Incense in order to distract wild Pokemon nearby for 30 minutes.

How to catch Pokemon

Catching wild Pokemon is always the essence of all Pokemon game versions, especially in Pokemon Go, because whether you want or not, the game will force you to explore the real world. Once you have found a Pokemon, simply tap on it and you will get a chance to catch it by joining a “Battle”.  In the battle, the environment will be changed depending on your Augmented Reality setting in game.

Capturing Pokemon is simply throwing a Pokeball at wild Pokemon. Aiming and throwing need to be used directly on the screen. You will have to throw the Pokeball by swiping your finger on the screen and this players a role in determining whether it hits the Pokemon or not. This is just like playing the Basketball game on Facebook Messenger. The longer you swipe, the further the Pokeball will be thrown. Also, spinning the ball before throwing it will give you a small bonus and it is pretty fun truly.

If you hold your Pokeball down for a while, you will easily see a circle shrinking on your screen. Depending on its color, you can determine how hart it is to catch a Pokemon:

  • Green = The Pokemon is easy to catch. Most of the time, it won’t break out of the Pokeball.
  • Orange = Normal. It may break out of the Pokeball.
  • Red = Pretty difficult one. It usually break out of the Pokeball. Catching this one is pretty hard.

You will want to throw your Pokeball right when the shrinking circle matches the while circle around the Pokemon in order to get the bonus. You will see your Pokemon’s Combat Points (CP) right after capturing it. Capturing Pokemon is determined by CP and your Pokeball.

Additionally, you can use an item called Razz Berry to make capturing them much easier.

If you are using a Pokemon Go Plus, it will vibrate when there is a Pokemon nearby. Simply tap on it and the Pokemon can be captured quickly.

Okay guys hopefully you have found this guide helpful! Do you have any question? Ask me!