Top 20+ Essential Tips for New Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon Go has attracted tons of fans from all around the world and forced them to walk around and catch Pokemon.

There are so many tips and guides for new players out there but not all of them are necessary. I have noted down some of the most necessary ones for you and I am going to show you all in this page. I believe, after reading these essential tips, you will find that playing Pokemon Go is very easy!


 Essential Tips for New Pokemon Go Players

Best Travel Tips

The easiest way to find Pokemon and PokeStops in Pokemon Go is to travel to parks, landmarks, museums, community building and art. The difficulty of finding Pokemon and Pokestops varies, depending on where you are living. Cities have lots of more Pokemon and PokeStops than rural arena and suburban arena.

The World Map

As we all know, the world map shows all PokeStops, Gyms and wild Pokemon nearby.

You can sometimes see couples of rustling leafs next to you. They are Pokemon, which can show up any time! Just walk to those rustling leafs and those wild Pokemon will appear after a few minutes. In addition, Pokemon will still appear outside of your area.

PokeStops are the sweetest places which give us free Pokeballs, Potions, Eggs and lots of other items. When being close to a PokeStop, sometimes you will receive the most of its Lure or taking between two overlapping Pokestops with Lures for significantly increased rate of wild Pokemon showing up.

How to track Pokemon nearby

Take a look at the small label locating at the bottom right on your screen, it shows 3 nearest Pokemon (It will show up to 9 Pokemon nearby If you tap on it). The footprints under those Pokemon show you how far you need to go in order to catch them.

You can easily track a certain Pokemon by tapping on it, choosing a certain Pokemon then you can start tracking it. Those footsteps will decrease when you get close to the Pokemon. Keep walking until that Pokemon appear. If you follow a direction and more footprints appear, you should turn around and walk in other direction until you are closer to the Pokemon. Select a Pokemon and wait a bit for it appear when it is down to zero footprint – the Pokemon is very close to you now. You will see pulses when exploring the map that show when significant changes have occurred in the availability of Pokemon area.

  1. 0 Footprints = The Pokemon is right next to you and it will appear soon.
  2. 1 Footprints = The Pokemon is within 20 meters. Keep searching!
  3. 2 Footprints = The Pokemon is within 100 meters. Keep searching!
  4. 3 Footprints = The Pokemon is within 1 kilometer. Keep searching!


Need more PokeBalls?

Pokestops refresh their stock every 5 minutes. Just visit PokeStops whenever you are low on Pokeballs. Even If you are stuck in one location, can’t visit the other Pokestops, you still can get lots of PokeBalls in a few hours.

Your Pokemon Go Items

With the limited item bag, you need to pay attention to the inventory before swiping on a Pokestop to avoid wasting precious items. You should always keep Pokeballs inside your bag, they are the most important! You can use PokeCoin (which can be bought by real money or earned by having a Pokemon defending in a Gym) to buy more bag space. You should also try to throw out some Potions or Revives if you don’t usually do battles.

Catching Pokemon

While catching Pokemon, throwing the ball into circle when it is the smallest gives you the best chance to catch that Pokemon. The color of that circle show how hard it is to catch a Pokemon. Green is easy, orange is moderate and red it very hard to capture. You can feed Pokemon with Razzberries to decrease the difficulty of catching them. If the Pokemon breaks free, you can feed it again with other Razzberry to lower it.

You cannot pick up the thrown Pokeballs.

You will receive some XP bonus – depending on the circle’s size:

  1. 100XP for Excellent throw (small).
  2. 50XP for great throw (half)
  3. 10XP for nice throw (full).

You can spin the Pokeball around in a circle then toss it to get the curveball bonus.

Also, please take a look at this page to read more about the new Pokemon throwing technique “L”

Trainer level makes it easier to find rare Pokemon

The only way to search new and stronger Pokemon is to level up your Trainer! This can absolutely increase your chance to see and catch rare Pokemon.

Turn off the AR Mode for easier capture

Augmented reality is an attractive feature that makes catching Pokemon become more difficult. Turning off AR Mode helps you know the distance you need to throw PokeBall easier. AR mode can be turned off right on the catching Pokemon screen!


Evolving Pokemon

In Pokemon Go, you need to use Candy and Stardust If you want to Evolve your Pokemon. You will receive them whenever you catch a wild Pokemon.

There are lots of Candy types. Each Candy type can be only by catching its own specific Pokemon Evolution family. For example, when you catch Squirtle, you will receive Squirtle Candy while Wartortle and Blastoise also give you Squirtle Candy.

Pokemon takes an amount of the particular candy types to evolve. If you want to evolve a Pokemon, you have to capture more of it to build up the Candy collection. Pokemon can be strengthen by using Stardust to raise the CP. Evolution increases the CP levels and CP cap of a Pokemon.

Take a look at this page to read more about Pokemon Go Candy.

Transfer your duplicates

If you transfer a Pokemon to the Professor, you will receive 1 Candy of its type. Tapping on the Pokemon which you want to transfer and choosing Transfer option at the bottom of the screen. Just make sure that you do not transfer the most powerful version one of that Pokemon!

How to choose any Eevee Evolution!

If you have an Eevee, you can easily evolve it into either Jolteon, Flareon or Vaporeon after a few simple steps. Just rename the Eevee by one of the names below and it will turn into a certain Evolution!

  • Sparky => Jolteon
  • Pyro => Flareon
  • Rainer => Vaporeon

Good luck!

eevee pokemon go

How to get Pikachu as your starter!

It is difficult for us to find Pikachu in Pokemon Go when it is an iconic Pokemon but there is a small trick for you to catch a Pikachu at the beginning of the game. To get Pikachu, you have to start a new game and get to the point when the Professor Willows let you catch Charmander, Squirtle or Bulbasaur as starting Pokemon. You should walk away until the phone vibrates and the starters appear again. Do this 5 more times until a Pikachu spawns next to the three starters.

I showed this trick before and you can read more about it at here.

When should I use Incense?

You can use incense in Pokemon Go to lure more Wild Pokemon around  you in 30 minutes. Moreover, it can help you to attract Pokemon when you cannot explore and increase the chance of seeing Pokemon. In addition, it is used nearby patches of grass on the game map to increase the Pokemon spawn rate.

How to hatch Eggs?

When visit Pokestops, players often receive Pokemon Eggs as the reward. You can find Pokemon Eggs on the second tab of the Pokemon page, you also receive each egg listing the walking distance that need to be traveled in order to hatch them. Before hatching them, you only need to choose and select Eggs to start the incubation and incubators which you want to use. After that you just start walking within necessary distance to hatch the egg. The Incubator only can own one egg at a time therefore if you want to incubate more than one, you need additional incubators that you can purchase in the shop or gain through leveling up.

You can drive a bicycle to pass quickly this process instead of using car because the speed must not beyond 15mph.


How The Gyms work

When reaching level 5, you can choose your own team: Instinct, Mystic or Valor. Maybe one of three scenarios will appear when you are close enough and able to tap on a Pokemon Gym. The Gym might be unclaimed (white), owned by a viral team or your own team.

You can train your Pokemon for XP by interacting with a Gym representing your team by fighting others or storing them there for bonus Pokecoins and Stardust that can be claim in each 21 hours. When encountering an opponent team’s gym, you only have to battle with their Pokemon. If defeating all, you will take a large amount of Prestige Point from the gym that need to be defeated many times before they can be claimed.

Don’t forget to strengthen your team’s Gyms

Trying not to catch up by taking over the Gyms of rival teams. Besides, you have to make sure strengthen your own team’s gyms with the train option that allows you to battle Pokemon storing at a gym by your allies. This can raise Prestige points of a Gym that increase spaces for Pokemon so it is difficult for opponents to take it. Moreover, training raises your XP whether you win or lose, you just defeat at least one Pokemon and Pokemon does not need to revive if being defeat by a friendly trainer.

Store Pokemon at your team’s Gyms

Beside battling, you also can use Gyms to store your Pokemon by adding it to the roster to defend the position from opposing Trainers. You cannot add more than one Pokemon at a Gym however you can defend up to 10 Gyms at the same time. You will receive Pokecoins and Stardust every 21 hours. Please take a look at here for more details about the rewards.

Remember that the Pokemon you added will be tied to that position at the Gym and you cannot use or recall it until it is defeated. It has to defend the Gym and it will be returned to you when defeated or in need of healing.

Dealing with Rival Gyms

Before joining a battle, you should take a look at the Gym and see what Pokemon are defending. The battles start with the lowest-CP Pokemon. Pokemon elements also should be considered as water beats fire, fire beats grass, grass beats water, etc. as in the previous original games.

While doing the battle, you need to tap continuously on the screen to do the basic attack (Quick Move). Every Pokemon has 2 types of move: Quick Move and Charge Move. You can perform the Charge Move by pressing and holding the screen when the meter under your HP bar is full.

Swiping right or left avoids being attacked. You can know it when the screen flashes yellow and the Pokemon rears up that shows an incoming attack but we need to concentrate on as many attacks as possible.

You can attack a Gym with colleagues in your team and the Pokemon is chosen for defending will take damage from all attackers at once. It will be useful when cooperating with more people to get a Gym’s prestige points down faster.

When you defeat one Pokemon, the prestige point of the Gym will get decreased, meaning its level will get decreased and the number of defending Pokemon will be decreased as well. You can claim this Gym when defeating all Pokemon in there and you also can place a defending Pokemon and start training at it to increase the prestige and Gym level. Feel free to get the Gym right back and fight to reclaim it when the opponent takes it away.

How to save Battery Power

Pokemon Go drain battery very quickly therefore to solve this problem, you should purchase a battery pack (power bank) for phone. Take a look at this page to take a look and buy the best power banks at the moment.

In addition, you also can turn on battery save mode in the Settings menu in game.

Okay guys hopefully you have found these tips helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question about Pokemon Go (easy questions of course)! I will do my best to help you out :).

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