Best Defenders for Gym in Pokemon Go

Hello guys, today I am going to give you a list of the best defenders in Pokemon Go at the moment. Although there are tons of things to consider about, this list is based on what I strongly believe can almost take the control of the battle mechanics. I will try to keep everything updated as soon as possible!


Best Gym Defenders in Pokemon Go

I will split the best defenders in Pokemon Go into 5 groups so we can track things down easier.

Defender Tier 1

These ones are definitely the best elite defenders in almost any situation. They can perfectly deal with the widest range of attackers. Of course they have weaknesses but they are only exploitable by just a few rare Pokemon!

  1. Snorlax
  2. Lapras
  3. Dragonite

Defender Tier 2

These ones are the best defenders of their types. They also carry an impressive number of favorable matchups as the Tier 1. They can defend well against so many high quality Pokemon. However, their weaknesses can be exploitable several easily caught Pokemon.

  1. Slowbro
  2. Poliwrath
  3. Exeggutor

Defender Tier 3

  1. Vaporeon
  2. Wigglytuff

Defender Tier 4

These ones are the solid gym defenders. But, they are tier 3 because they don’t have so many favorable matchups against top common attackers.

  1. Venusaur
  2. Nidoqueen
  3. Nidoking
  4. Arcanine

Defender Tier 5

These Pokemon can easily control a specific niche. Therefore, use them only in specifics gym compositions to deal with particular higher-tier attackers.

  1. Golem
  2. Rhydon
  3. Charizard
  4. Muk
  5. Vileplume
  6. Victreebel
  7. Gyarados
  8. Omastar
  9. Dewgong
  10. Clefable
  11. Blastoise
  12. Hypno
  13. Tentacruel
  14. Golduck
  15. Flareon

Explanations for these defenders will be posted soon in the future. Because this is a huge work so it takes a little bit time to be done.

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully you have found this page helpful!